I’m a long-form interviewer, occasional writer, and host of Last Born In The Wilderness, a podcast I’ve produced for the better part of a decade. I’m also a co-host of Attack & Dethrone GodCast, and the author of We Live In The Orbit Of Beings Greater Than Us, a compilation of close to thirty interviews originally aired on Last Born and interlaced with commentary, published through Gods & Radicals Press.

My work explores a diverse set of topics through an overarching framework that is undeniably collapse-aware. I grew up in occupied Shoshone-Bannock territory (Southern Idaho) and became politicized in my teenage years, beginning with a personal exploration into the roots of United States imperialism, capitalism, settler-colonialism, and white supremacy. Inevitably, my focus turned toward the intersecting crises of catastrophic climate disruption and global ecological collapse—the “Anthropocene.” In attempting to further understand these subjects, I began to produce Last Born In The Wilderness, a podcast featuring discussions with a wide variety of individuals exploring these difficult subjects in their own respective fields. I share these interviews with anyone curious to listen.

With that said, my political/spiritual philosophy is explicitly anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, ecologically-centered, and animist. We are facing the potential extinction of our species. Building solidarity and doing the sacred work, in spite of the inevitable, is still worth it. The alternative is too horrifying to consider.

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A podcast about death, dying, and the ruptures of life in between.


I’m a long-form interviewer, occasional writer, and host of Last Born In The Wilderness.